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Unitree is an innovative and unique application used to manage unit tests with a graphic interface.

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What is UniTree?

UniTree is the first and only test management application in the world with a graphical user interface, with the ability to also be used for other kinds of tests.
UniTree organizes tests in a way that enables everyone, your clients included, to take part in the application testing process and gain valuable information. It’s the fastest way to write software and satisfy your clients’ needs – the key to a successful business.
For code reviewers, UniTree is like a compass — it allows them to comb through miles of code written by programmers in order to verify whether it’s structured properly and meets the requirements.
Just like their clients, project managers working in the IT and business industries don’t need to know how to write software. Despite this potential lack of knowledge, thanks to UniTree, they can take part in the application testing process, ensure tests are done correctly, change criteria where needed and monitor your programmers’ progress.
With UniTree, programmers joining an already existing project can easily understand the app’s logic, how it should function and how it’s organized.
UniTree empowers project managers, giving them the ability to build their team quickly and easily, saving precious time on bringing programmers who are new to the project up to speed.

Feel like debugging instead of testing?

With UniTree, your apps are tested, structured, and work flawlessly. Ease of use for your clients, ease of mind for you.

For programmers and code reviewers!

Automatic documentation

Everyone knows that documentation usually lags behind code and as a result doesn’t get made properly, if at all. UniTree creates documentation on the fly during testing, ensuring it is always up to date. Despite primarily being a test management system, UniTree also works remarkably well at managing front-end acceptance tests.

For project managers!

Business clear as day

With UniTree, your clients can easily check if your application’s feature works. Staying in touch with your client and reacting to changing criteria on the fly is one of the key parts of staying in business. After all, your client’s business success is at stake. UniTree gives a graphical overview of the whole system, which also shows the big picture of the whole business.

For the clients!

Empowering clients

If you are tired of passively waiting for the project to be finished and want to take part in the application testing process, UniTree will meet all of your expectations. Don’t worry, you don’t need to possess any programming knowledge. Now you can test all the new features, introduce changes, and control the expenditure that goes towards writing software.


Now you will be able to manage your tests easily and find out what business function a given test relates to. By using UniTree, you as a code reviewer can comfortably verify if a given piece of code in multiple projects is well organized, and you can forget the frustration caused by all the miles of code you can get lost in.

No “I” in team

As a project manager, you are the one responsible for communication between programmers and clients when it comes to planning new tests. As everyone actively participates in the process, managing tests for new use case scenarios goes by faster and more efficiently.

Everyone can test

The interface is not just a board which consists of three columns. As a client, you will no longer experience the feeling of hopelessness when met with a black screen with a white font! From now on you will be in full control of your application’s creation from start to finish. Test, control, make new templates – the application needs to work as you want it to!
UniTree manages code-based tests thanks to the “feature-scenario-case” standard we implemented. It not only identifies errors but also facilitates debugging. The application’s documentation is created dynamically as a result of the testing process. As a code reviewer, you make sure that only clean code gets submitted. Now, your job will be like a walk in the park, as with UniTree you no longer have to navigate the maze of code written by someone other than you.
Thanks to the simple UniTree interface, you have a live view of your entire application as it progresses. This allows you to see if the criteria you agreed on with the client are being realized correctly. We know you and your programmers make for a great team, but now you can check for yourself if the necessary features have been implemented into your client’s application and react accordingly if they weren’t.
We have something exciting for you: independence and being able to make your own choices. If you want to, you can now check if tests are being done how you want and introduce new testing criteria if you feel there is such a need. Control how the programming team spends their time and your money and see if the features that make your business successful work as they should.

Feel like debugging instead of testing?

With UniTree, your apps are tested, structured, and work flawlessly. Ease of use for your clients, ease of mind for you.

UniTree goes global

The first application of its kind on earth

The first application of its kind on a global scale

It was inevitable that an application that benefits programmers, code reviewers, project managers, and clients would get created eventually. We made it for you! The programming world is drowning in the thick soup of code that UniTree is striving to end by organizing and managing tests, as well as documenting custom applications as they are made.

Full file synchronization with repositories

This gives you full control over created tests. Programmers are easily able to find application tests, which are being automatically saved and placed in their target file’s repository. Thanks to this approach, programmers can identify which tests are written incorrectly or are missing entirely.

Teamwork is the faster road to success

With everyone who is involved in the application making process performing tests, the quality of the final product rises dramatically thanks to the increased number of tests done. This leads to lower investment costs as software is made more quickly and efficiently, and bugs are fixed sooner

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