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1What is UniTree and what can I use it for?
UniTree is a unique piece of software created by DevPark that you won’t find anywhere else. It acts as a test management system for custom built applications, meaning that programmers can use it to manage their tests when writing a web application.
2What else does UniTree provide other than managing code-based tests?
The most important thing it provides is software documentation that has been automatically generated. This helps end-users and other web developers alike, as documentation is an important part of any software, yet it’s often neglected due to programmers wanting to spend time doing other, more important things. Because documentation is usually created manually, it tends to lag behind any current changes, which means that it becomes out of date really quickly.
3What should I do to fully utilize UniTree?
As a programmer, the only thing you need is to make sure that you use the feature-scenario-case naming convention in docblockers.
4Where did “feature-scenario-case” come from?
You definitely heard of these words before, but using this naming scheme correctly allows UniTree to manage tests for you, all the way down to the code. Additionally, every programmer can tell at a glance what each test does and why it exists.
5Who can use UniTree?
  • Programmers who write custom software and then test its functionality.
  • Code reviewers who check whether the programmers have written the code properly.
  • Project managers, especially those with little programming knowledge. UniTree enables them to test the client’s application and see if the right features were implemented.
  • Clients who order custom software to be written professionally. Even without any programming knowledge, UniTree allows them to test their application, introduce new criteria and features that will make their business successful. At the same time, clients can see how many tests have been carried out by the programming team, giving the more power over their finances.
6What can I see when I open UniTree?

You definitely won’t see any code. Instead, you will see a simple table with three columns that show which test is being carried out, the results we expected, and any errors to fix. The third column allows you to expand the code window and see the programmer correcting the error that was identified automatically by UniTree.

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