What you gain with UniTree

Thanks to everyone collaborating and consistent testing, you will no longer waste time on frustrating bugfixes in your ready application. UniTree helps your application tick all the boxes in terms of implementing all the agreed upon features, allowing your clients to gain more and optimize their investment.

Programmer, code reviewers, project manager

Time and peace of mind
Clean code, and a working application and documentation – now with little to no effort.
Effective and jolly cooperation
Collaboration with every member of the team – the programmer, project manager, code reviewer, and the client.
Money and satisfaction
Receive a well working, custom application that fulfills your client’s needs. When their business becomes successful, every team member shares the joy.

Feel like debugging instead of testing?

With UniTree, your apps are tested, structured, and work flawlessly. Ease of use for your clients, ease of mind for you.


I know that we predicted every possible usage scenario, and that the application will work perfectly. Additionally, I have good control over my finances.
Working with a great team

I don’t have any programming knowledge, yet I was able to participate in the application writing process, which I found to be great fun.

I was able to check if the programming team tested the features I wanted, which was completely new to me. I was really happy to create and work with such a creative team.

Investing in your application brings results. The company is growing and as a manager and investor, it’s something that I find important, because that’s how I know that my ideas are becoming a reality. The end result is well earned money – not only by me, but also the programming team that delivered a high-quality product. I’ll definitely continue working together with them and increase my profit.

Contact us

You can find answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

If you need more information, let us know! We’ll gladly provide you with all the details you require.


Dominik Ślebioda

Head of the Custom Application Department

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