For every software project member

By using UniTree, you are able to create documented, thoroughly tested, and fully functional applications that meet all of client's expectations.

For programmers

There is no UniTree without programmers. The idea behind this application exists for the sole purpose of making your job easier. With UniTree, you gain control over testing, convenient testing, and automatically produced documentation. Additionally, you gain peace of mind, as you no longer have to bother with inferior testing methods that lead to nothing. Instead, you reclaim lost time on real work – writing quality software solutions, and relaxation.

For code reviewers and project managers

UniTree has been tried and tested by us, meaning that managing tests has never been easier. You also gain a general overview of the application you’re making, which helps you visualize the business sense of your custom application. With UniTree, you’ll easily control the quality of the software created by your development teams, even if they’re working on several projects at once.

For clients

As the client, you don’t have to bother reading code. Instead, you can participate in the application testing process to see how the programming team’s time is being used – all thanks to UniTree’s user-friendly interface

Feel like debugging instead of testing?

With UniTree, your apps are tested, structured, and work flawlessly. Ease of use for your clients, ease of mind for you.

For programmers

The image below shows that you can change criteria and identify errors in the third column. UniTree also supports dark mode to help relieve the strain on your eyes.

Contact us

You can find answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

If you need more information, let us know! We’ll gladly provide you with all the details you require.


Dominik Ślebioda

Head of the Custom Application Department

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